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12 Pack Organic Meals

Twelve nutritious single serve meals made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

$14.90 / meal
Total $178.80 per week

+$15 shipping

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9 Pack Organic Meals

Nine nutritious single serve meals made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

$15.90 /meal
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6 Pack Organic Meals

Six nutritious single serve meals made with 100% certified organic ingredients

$16.90 / meal
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Our Menu This Week

  • Classic Organic Cottage Pie
  • Organic Beef Lasagne with Tomato Sauce and Sautéed Greens
  • Organic Roast Chicken
  • Organic Sticky Beef with Garlic Fried 'Cauli-Rice'
  • Organic Apple Crumble
  • Organic Sticky Tofu with Garlic Fried 'Cauli-Rice'

What Our Customers Say

Wonderful customer service, meals look delicious we cant wait to try!

Hayley, Marlborough

Just had a newborn and these meals have made our lives so much easier while we get settled THANK YOU!

Karen, Christchurch

Great value for money, Organic ingredients at the same price as other companies we will be back for more!

Janet, Auckland

Generous portions and tasty gourmet meals, I love them and the fact that they are organic is cool. Thoroughly recommend.

Chris Spragg, Christchurch

Arrived at 9am Thursday. Impressed with how they look. Had the cottage pie for dinner and was more than happy with the amount and quality.

Stephen, Auckland

Beautiful organic meals that taste delicious, great sustainable packaging that is super easy to heat. Meal times are nutritious, quick and tasty!”

Angie Skilton, Tauranga

Great delivery service, so nice to have quick heat and eat meals for the family and so delicious. Organic too ! So good

Peter Wilson, Auckland

Sticky beef was amazing!

Connor, Christchurch

Awesome taste and so quick and easy to heat and eat

Andy Cundy, Tauranga
Oamaru Organics is our very own farm that we get our 100% certified vegetables from.  We only take the best harvest and use it in the organic ready to eat meals.  So fresh and full of natures goodness.

We Grow Our Own Organic Vegetables

Organic Ready Made Meals

Organic, seasonal, and fresh food made easy for you. Southern Organics make single serve dinner and lunch options, delivered fresh and loaded with organic ingredients to make a healthy meal time more convenient. What started as a journey to deliver fresh organic food to houses around New Zealand has grown from a single fast food shop, to a chain of healthy organic Thai2Go restaurants, our own organic farm and now our brand new Ready 2 Eat kitchen in Christchurch, capable of delivering organic, healthy meals all over New Zealand.

100% Certified Organic Ingredients

Sustainable, Chemical and Pesticide Free

Uncompromised Quality