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  • Partnership growing organically

    On the farm, the biggest organic market garden in the South Island, nearly 30 crops grow, mostly brassicas, lettuces, cabbages, potatoes and yams.
  • Organic vs Non-organic

    A small look at the difference between our organic farms and what Non-organic farms look like with a linked article below to the lingering effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Spring time brings great growth

    A small look at just a few weeks growth of spring! 
  • We're Open!

    We are officially open and ready to go, meals delivered weekly from our gourmet selection. Made with our farm fresh vegetables ready for your enjo...
  • Queenstown's 'worst' restaurant transformed by Kiwi with a grand plan

    A Kiwi entrepreneur is achieving his environmental dream after buying the worst restaurant in Queenstown.  Five years ago, James Porteous, 45, returned to New Zealand after living most of his life in Japan. He was homesick – for the country and the land.

  • Queenstown’s Organic Solutions Acquires Leading Farm

    The demand for organics is outstripping supply. Securing a stable source of organic vegetables for our Thai food operations is a cornerstone of our growth strategies. Queenstown and now Timaru are hungry for organic Thai food, and they grow hungrier by the day.