Where Do the Organic vegetables come from?

All our vegetables are grown on our farm just out of Oamaru, we have a dedicated team onsite that tend to the crops daily to ensure that they are healthy and thriving ready for our kitchens to prepare.

Where does the Organic Meat come from?

Chicken - is sourced from Bostocks which is a highly regarded company and we have the pleasure of utilizing there product in our meals

Beef/Lamb - is grown in Clearwater farms just out of Geraldine with the pastures and all processes meeting the high quality organic label requirements.

Why is organic better than non-organic?

Organic means no added chemicals, Pesticides, insecticides or anything 'Not Natural'. these chemicals remain on the product long after its harvested and are left in the soil and the surrounding environment. so organic is better due to the fact that you wont be consuming any of these chemicals, everything is made and protected with water and good old school hardwork. No Chemicals at any stage.

We are interesting in buying meals but the price seems high, why is that?

As I'm sure you can understand the process of making organic grade product is very labor intensive, from the farmers all the way through the process. To reflect this hard work we pay our staff well, Unfortunately this does mean the cost of our products are higher than a standard meal but we justify this by knowing the product is healthy, chemical free and the best we can make for you the consumer.

How are the meals delivered?

Our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible so where we can we will be delivering the meals ourselves in our electric cars, at this stage that is only the Christchurch area. Areas outside this will be serviced by NZ couriers to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.