Frequently Asked Questions

Are the meals delivered fresh or frozen?

FRESH!  Oh so fresh.   Our organic meals are prepared, cooked, chilled and packed in time for shipping to you fresh on Wednesday each week.  They travel in specially designed boxes with insulated lining to keep them cool.  You will receive them fresh and in excellent condition to be put in your refrigerator as soon as they arrive.

Do you Deliver Nationwide?

YES.  Nationwide delivery is provided by NZ Couriers to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.

Urban Delivery Nationwide:

North of Christchurch we use NZ Couriers to deliver the meals to you.  This will take 1 to 2 days after leaving our Christchurch based kitchen depending on where you live.

Christchurch and below we use our own internal delivery network to get the meals to you this usually takes 24 hours from shipment (ships Wednesday arrives Thursday). Some locations will be shipped with NZ couriers if it is outside of our network.

Rural Delivery:

If located at a rural address please contact us before you order and we will advise the best course of action. Not sure if you're rural? Use the below link to access your address!

How long will the meals last?

Our organic meals are chilled and sealed immediately after being packed to lock in the freshness. They are sent to you fresh and are guaranteed for 8 days after the shipping date.  On arrival to your home they should be refrigerated immediately and once opened should be consumed within 24 hours.

Where do the organic vegetables come from?

Oamaru Organics Vegetable Farm

All our vegetables are grown on our very own organic vegetable farm just out of Oamaru. Oamaru Organics is the largest organic vegetable farm in the South Island.  Nigel Clark and his dedicated team tend to the crops daily to ensure that they are the best produce possible and only the best of the best gets sent to our kitchen - as you can imagine!

If you are driving past on SH1 south of Oamaru check out our farm gate stall at 469 Alma Maheno Road, you'll be impressed!

Where does the organic meat come from?

Chicken - is sourced from the Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken Farm, Hastings - a highly regarded organic farming company.

Beef/Lamb - is grown at Clearwater farms just out of Geraldine with the pastures and all processes meeting the high quality organic label requirements.

Why is organic better than non-organic or conventional farming for your health?

Organic means that the produce has been farmed and harvested without the use of added chemicals, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. But, it is not just the absence of chemicals that makes our produce second to none; it is the health of the soil and surrounding environment that the produce is grown in. Our organic produce is without genetic modification (GMO) - chemicals that remain on the product long after its harvested, are left in the soil and the surrounding environment. Organic production is sustainable, healthier and creates a better environment for ourselves and our future generations.