Organic Black Bean and Red Lentil Chilli

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Everyone knows black beans are healthy, but did you know why?

One thing for sure is that our Organic Black Bean and Red Lentil Chilli is delicious, and with the fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and other nutrients packed in thanks to the organic black beans. This is a ready to heat and eat meal that will nourish your body, while remaining sustainable in every sense, and saving your valuable time.

A mild, creamy, tomato based chilli with kale and silverbeet. Served with either sliced chicken breast or charred grilled tofu. 

To properly prepare lentils you need to start the day before, and if you're like our customers and simply don't have the time to pursue your fresh, healthy meal dreams every single night of the week, these are a quick and easy solution that wont compromise the quality of food you feed yourself, or your family. 

Minimum order is 6 ready to eat meals. Orders with less than 6 meals are unable to be shipped due to packaging size. 

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