Organic Chefs Choice
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Organic Chefs Choice

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Simply select the amount of meals you want to receive and we will do the rest!


Substantial Meals selected from this weeks menu at random, a great way to try things at a cheaper and more competitive price!


Mixed Variety - Any Substantial meal from the menu could be in the parcel no restrictions.

Vegan only - We will choose only our finest Substantial vegan meals for your parcel


The more you buy, the cheaper they get! prices start at $15.90 per meal and progress down to $15.10 per meal


So trust the chefs and enjoy the surprise!


(Discounts excluded for this product due to already discounted prices)

Potential allergens included in the boxed meal as below

- Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, Treenuts (Cashew, Pecans), Sulphites,