Organic Apple Crumble

Organic Apple Crumble

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What says winter more than an apple crumble?

We wanted something sweet on the menu to complete that gourmet meal experience when you want a treat afterwards, so here we have a caramelized apple crumble.

Made with 100% certified organic ingredients as are all our meals, this dish is a perfect balance of naughty and nice, sweet and organic. A rich caramel sauce coating wedges of apple covered in a crunchy oat and coconut crumble. We recommend serving this with a generous helping of organic vanilla ice cream to complete the dish. 

Designed to serve two people but who are we to tell you not to keep it all to yourself!

As with all our meals this is heat-able in the microwave or oven but to truly enjoy this meal we highly recommend the oven to get the best golden crunch on top.


Ingredient List

(Certified Organic*) Stewed Apple* (Apples*, Sugar* Lemon) Crumble* (Oats*, Coconut*, Flour*, Butter*, Sugar)