Vegan Organic Pumpkin Rice Risotto

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Our Organic vegan risotto is one that pleases on all levels. 

This rice dish is packed with flavour and wholesome goodness. All vegetables are organically sourced from our rich and fertile soils in Oamaru; changing with the seasons to keep things continuously fresh and varied. Our organic rice is cooked in our specialty broth to really bring out the flavour and nutritional qualities.

Whether you have a dietary need or you just love a good quality risotto. Our chefs use only the best quality ingredients to ensure this meal is anything but sensational.

A good carbohydrate option that will keep those hunger levels at bay and satisfy those taste buds.

As with all our ready to eat meals these are provided with thoughtful sustainable packaging in mind and delivered in our fully electric vehicles. 

Minimum order is 6 ready to eat meals. Orders with less than 6 meals are unable to be shipped due to packaging size. 

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