Thai Style Cauliflower Soup

Thai Style Cauliflower Soup

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Organic Thai Style Cauliflower, pureed into a thick and creamy soup.


Another banger of a soup if we do say so ourselves. a perfect balance of spice and cauliflower. Grown by our master growers at Oamaru Organics, these cauliflowers need very little done to them to make them shine. So with a few spices and a secret recipe known only to our Thai2Go chefs we have combined the two to create this luxurious Thai style cauliflower soup.


This soup packs a little bit of a heated punch, as much as it does in flavour!


Packed full of Organic goodness, this soup will warm the soul and body all in one! a generous 2x 500ml portion per order what more could you want for a quick and easy dinner option!

(Certified Organic*) - Vegetable Stock (Leek*, Carrot*), Roasted Cauliflower*, Thai Paste (Onion*, Tomato Paste* Coconut Cream* Spices*), Coconut Cream*, Sea Salt* Black Pepper*