Organic vs Non-organic

A small look at the difference between our organic farms and what Non-organic farms look like with a linked article below to the lingering effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
Picture on the left is clearly the Non Organic methods with one of our farmers 'hard' at work in a field on the right.
You won't see any of our farmers in full protection spraying product on the vegetables as they don't use any sprays to need it! Why would we want to when as the article states these chemicals are present long after the product is harvested. Not only does it linger on the product long after it's harvested it also remains in the soil and seeps into the ground water supplies.
So when you buy our Organic Ready2Eat meals, you are not only supporting healthful farming practices, but also helping to preserve our environment and your physical wellbeing!
All for a similar price to our Non-Organic competitors!