Our Mission

Our mission is to supply the market with affordable, organic healthy meals. Meals that you can sit back and enjoy knowing that its the best possible product for you and the environment.

With this in mind we have created an ever changing menu of 100% certified organic meals. Shipped directly from our door; to yours. 

James Porteous the founder and visionary behind this drive started small with Organic Thai2go in Queenstown and has since branched out into other towns around the south island, Quick and healthy Vege filled meals are 'Good2go' 

Our head chef Adam Upham has taken on the challenge of expanding to ready made organic meals. Having worked in airline catering and àl a carte restaurants in both New Zealand and Australia, he has seen the regression from high quality produce and cuisine to sub par and tasteless meals with cheap imported ingredients. Adam presents restaurant quality meals at home for you!

From our farm (Oamaru Organics) lead by our knowledgeable and experienced master farmer Nigel Clark. We have access to some of the countries best available product. All pesticide and chemical free. so why would we want to use this amazing product alongside chemical laden spices and flavours? We wouldn't and we don't. That's why our meals are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, which have all meet the strict requirements of Biogro or AssureQuality's Organic certification processes. You can check out more about these companies by following the attached links!

  • Packaging - our biggest challenge by far is the packaging. Government requirements stipulate what we have to use to store and send food safely, so while we would love to be doing the right thing and using alternative containers and no plastic, we just are not allowed to make that call. So with this in mind we have done the best we can to ensure the product we are using is at least recyclable.
- Our 'PET' Containers the food comes in are curbside recyclable
- The plastic film that is used to seal the goodness in, is soft plastic recyclable. This can be recycled at many locations around the country use this link to assist in finding one                                                            
-The ice packs received with your meals are 100% water and can simply be drained of water and are also soft plastic recyclable.
- Our 'woolpack' woolen liners, the outer casing is soft plastic recyclable, and the woolen insulator can go in the green bin.
- and the cardboard box its received in can be broken down and go into your curbside recycling.

So even though we cant use 100% environmentally friendly packaging, we have tried to limit the damage as much as possible, in some cases (the soft plastics) it requires as much effort from the consumer as it does us, so we ask that wherever possible you do your part to assist us in this endeavor.

We will continue to grow and develop our menu and ideas. We will also always be looking towards a better way of doing things. So if you have alternative methods or ideas definitely reach out to us we would love to hear your ideas!


Thanks from the team,

Southern Organics, Organic Ready2Eat